Workshop on telepresence robotics in Tallinn University

Workshop on telepresence robotics in Tallinn University

Aleksei, Janika and Kristel from our research group gave a workshop on telepresence robotics to 50 general education teachers in Tallinn University on the 1st November. Together we explored the functionality and limitations of the Double 3, Ohmni and Temi robots. Teachers were moderately optimistic of imaging their future in telepresence mode.

Temi, a newcomer to our fleet of Double 3 and Ohmni robots made its first (incredibly positive) appearance. More details on this guy below.

Temi is quite different from the robots we currently have at our disposal. While moving around the building it creates a map, a floot plan that it can use to move independently between marked reference points.

Temi robot

Of course it is not about the eternal competition between two largest universities in Tallinn, absolutely not, however we cannot help but notice that Wi-Fi coverage at TLU leaves a lot to desire and after today’s event we are definitely going to use their premises as a testing polygon for “off-road” tests and maintaining control in harsh weather wireless network conditions. More on that in the nearest future.

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“Creativity Matters” is a reseach group in Tallinn University of Technology IT College. The areas of interest inculde hybrid learning, telepresence robots and teaching didactics